12 motors to control

I'm working of a Rover for an club i'm in and our team need some help. Between the drive system (6 channels 10 motors) and the robotic arm (6 channels, 6 motors) we cant find a motor control board/s that we can use. we have found boards that have 16 channels but are only 5 volts (need 12) or boars that can do 12 vdc but need 3 pins per motor.

what we need.

  1. 12 VDC output
  2. ability to control 12 channels both directions
  3. all off one micro controller (with room for wifi connector)
  4. total price has to be under 60$ (not including micro controller)

How many amps?

The Adafruit motor shield can be stacked to get enough motors. It fits your budget. If it fits your power requirements then it's perfect for you.