12 Volt Motor

I have a question.
How can I connect this motor :


to a L293D driver.

I have searched but I have not found anything...


Simply connect the motor brush terminals to the motor output terminals of the L293. Most likely though, the driver cannot handle the stall current.

Can you give me a diagram?
I usually use simple motors with 2 wires connecting to l293d , but it it the first time I use motors with 6 wires.

Only 2 of the wires go to the motor, other 4 go to the encoder, but you can’t put 12 volts on them. Didn’t you get an instruction sheet with the motor? Do you have a multimeter?

Its best to avoid anything without decent data, unless you like to play detective. Stall current would be the first thing to look for in the datasheet, as well as the motor constant.