12 Volts to Vin - Is it Dead for Good?


While testing my MRK1000 a buck converter (DC to DC) failed. It applied 12 Volts to Vin instead of 5 Volts as it was set for. Now the one green LED lights up when I apply power on the MKR1000, but nothing else works.

Is it totally dead or is there some component I can try to replace?

Thanks - Jason.

If you have the equipment and ability for SMT work it "might" be brought back to life.
However you could end up chasing your tail.

The specs are pretty clear about the voltage limits and you seem to have exceeded them with gusto !

Myself I would chalk this one up as a loss and remember to double check the outputs of each item before making a connection next time.

Sorry about the bad news.


Also learned, don't leave projects unattended while still working out the bugs. Over dinner in the room next over the output went from 5V to 11.5V.

So RIP MKR1000, the first Arduino I've killed, and hopefully the last.