1284 low power library

Hi all , just noticed the low power library gives an error on compiling a sketch .
The chip is a 1284pu and is not supported . Is there a simple mod to get it working ( Just device sig ?)


PU is a package variant, so its not clear if you meant 1284 or 1284P.

Following Nick Gammons excellent tutorial, I had no problems getting a 1284P (PU and AU) into a 0.2uA wakeup from interrupt sleep.

Thx Srnet ;

It’s a 1284-PU*, sorry not too hot on the numbering . ( it’s the DIP) version and 1284 then.
I realise the variants have different device signatures , is that the only problem.
I have or are the chips quite different ?

  • checked the order form too

It is my understanding that the 1284p-PU is the device with low power options. That is my recollection anyway, I could be wrong.


In any case, you may want to look at and use MightyCore with that mega1284.