1284P & 328P FTDI Board

I've seen a few posts along with my own regarding the FTDI Basic and setup. I spent this morning putting this together for saving time when uploading to these boards. Designed to work with the 5V SparkFun FTDI Basic and its respective drivers, but I imagine there are other clones out there that would fit the bill.

I hope somebody may find this useful. Feel free to use.

You could of used one crystal for both, as you are unlikely to have both chips plugged in at the same time.

I did figure that, however I was unsure if they would affect each other's operation. I'll update the schematic now, thanks!

I've always kept the crystal traces very short. I know poor crystal layout can cause havoc in a product design, not sure how much of an issue it might be here.

If you can't you could always use a driver clock. It would make changing frequencies easier.

Now that I've said that, how would you handle 3.3v 8Mhz 328p and 5.0v 16Mhz 328p. My understanding is the frequency must match the bootloader.