128x32 DotMatrixDisplay on Arduino


I have a Question. Have someone connect a 128x32 DMD Display from a Pinball to Arduino ?? The Display have 4 Chips with HV9308PJ and 1 Chip with HV5222PJ.

As I can attach this display to a Arduino chip. I want to indicate some pictures on the display. Can someone me help with this problem or is there a connection diagram and a SOURCE code for it?

thanks Robert

PS. sorry for my english

http://gamma.octopart.com/Supertex__HV5222PJ.pdf http://gamma.octopart.com/Supertex__HV9308PJ.pdf

You might be able to but you should check with the pinball folk for a datasheet on that display. Since you didn't give either a datasheet or a partnumber you're mostly out of luck until you get one. The chips might help. I'm not doing it for you.