128x64 LCD and only half of screen working


Just bought new QY-12864BG 128x64 lcd and have a little issue with it…
I downloaded ks0108 library and got it working quite easily with my Arduino Duemilanovae.
The right side of lcd (chip2) seems to empty all the time. The data is sended correctly from
Arduino because image changes when switching wires to chip1.
Also chip2 lcd is empty even when resetting arduino and chip1 lcd is then messy.

I just think there is something wrong with the hardware of the new lcd… Am i doing everything right?

Thanks in advance.


This sounds stupid but i found the solution.. 5min after posting here. Spended 4 hours just to figure out that supplier datasheet was wrong. Reset needed to be at 5V.

Or better, connect it to the reset signal on the Arduino board. That way, it gets reset at the same time as the arduino.

BTW, are you running the v3 library?

--- bill