128x64 OLED, text moves 5px or so "sometimes" ??

Hi I have 128 x 64 OLED display that I have connected via spi using adafruit library. When I display some new text to the OLED display like 99% the time it displays properly however 1% of the time the text displayed would randomly move itself 5 pixels to the right or so, has anyone else had this problem and why is it doing it ? I clear the display each time and set the cursor write a line a display it, nothing more yet it moves just once sometimes say from 0,0 to what I assume is 0,5 or 0,10. However just displaying the same text lenght and format such as a sensor reading is fine on the home page.

the text is only being displayed once and I've done many test to prove it. This is an intermittent issue and it's really annoying me as I'm at the end of my project any help please :(.