12c OLED was working, now not...

Hi all! I'm hoping this is a well known and easy issue to solve... I have some code that was running fine using this Adafruit OLED (128 x 32) Picture Here

The board is a little large, so I have purchased some of these from AliExpress - they should be the same kind of OLED, same size and same communication type. Though when I plug in the new display, it doesn't start up... Is there an obvious problem here or something that requires some proper thought..?

New display:


Answered my own question!

For those interested, this OLED needs a couple of pull-up resistors between 1 & 10k on the SDA and SCK lines. Job's a goodun!

Slave modules for I2C should in general not include the pull-up resistors as the correct pull-up is only determined when all the devices on the bus are connected. While there is nothing intrinsically incorrect about having multiple terminations (pull-ups), it is the combined shunt resistance that matters.