+12v -12v GND +5v

i am confused here.and completely novice in to electronics.

i have a schematic that has some LF353 in it and it shows that it powers them with +12v and -12v but then it uses GND as well in to some parts of the schematic. the only power relating signs that i have is
+12v -12v and GND.

my first question, is there any deference between the -12v and GND ?

and the second one is if i use an arduino, should i go and have the same GND with the 12v circuit ? i really feel that i should do but …

i attach a PDF file with the schematic

any help or sudgestion is more than welcome

Laboratory 4 - 2006.pdf (487 KB)

No, -12V is not the same as Gnd. It is 12V below Gnd.

If you connect to Arduino, Gnds must connect together.

Do Not apply +12 or -12 to Arduino pins.

crossroads thank you very much for your fast response,

so as far as i understand i can not just hook up a 12v battery,

if i have a 12v batteries around do i go with voltage regulators to get the -12v from the battery. and the gnd should go to the negative of the battery?

or do you have some kind of schematic that i could go from 12v battery to have a supply of 12v, gnd and -12v.

thanks in advance

Look up -12V inverter.

Or use two 12V batteries. Connect - of one battery to + of the other, and use that as Gnd.

so i create a voltage divider with the batteries and the virtual ground. but can i gnd my arduino to it as well ?


thank you for your time man !