12v 15amp power supply to power up arduino uno and GSM Shield

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I just want to ask a question about on my final year project. Is it possible to power up the Arduino uno and sim800 gprs gsm shield using 12v 15 amps power supply through its DC barrel jack? I am also using a 2 way dc barrel jack splitter to it in order to power them both.

I am using the said power supply because I also need it to power up the PTC fan heater and a humidifier.

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a schema and parts info would help. Anything powered through the Arduino?

Yes, both devices can accept up to 12V and regulate it down.

Hello sir, sorry but i am far away from my laptop. It is just a thinking of mine while driving back home. This is what it looks like, i am using a 12v 15amps power supply then attached a dc barrel jack adaptor to the 2 way dc barrel jack splitter which is connected to the dc jack ports of uno and the gsm shield. Am i able to power this? Or my modules will burnt up?

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Yes sir, i read its tech specs i knew that it power up to 12v. I am just asking if I use the 12v 15 amps power supply with a 2way dc barrel jack splitter to the uno and gsm shield, will it be able to power up smoothly? Or will my modules will burn?

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15 Amps is plenty enough (irrelevant) for the arduino itself or gsm shield. They will draw what they need.

One thing that matters is how much current do you plan to flow through the arduino.

No they will not burn up. At least not because of you power supply.

The current capability will not damage your circuit. You could use a 12V automotive battery capable of supplying 100's of amps and it still not damage your circuit.

Circuits only draw the current they need, not what the supply can deliver.

Well, some components like LEDs will draw whatever is available and commit suicideā€¦
The other typical issue is loading the regulator of the arduino as it has to perform the 12v to 5v conversion, so if the arduino pins draw lots of current it can become an issue for the regulator thus for the board.

Thanks for the clear answer, my gsm shield need atleast 2amps in order to communicate between the user and the system itself. I will test after I got home.

Thanks again and stay safe always :grin:

Thanks for the clear explanation sir, I will test my project when i got home.

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No... any component meant for one voltage and supplied with another will fail.
My reply was assuming the voltage requirement matched the supply.

Not sure what you are saying No to.

Where "lots of current" means more than about 150 mA.

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Talk, yes hansdfree, for what good that does.

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SIM800 doesn't like 5V supply and 5V communication. When you power up this from 5V it will yield (via RS port) that voltage is too high. It also take 2A in short peaks when sending data to network (which 5V regulator at Arduino board doesn't like). It's designed to work from 1 Li-Pol cell. So good approach is using some power bank / charger module and lipo or add dedicated step down converter for power it up from about 4V.
ps. I use SIM800L as standalone module, maybe "shield" got power issue resolved in some way.

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