12v,3.3V, and switch

Hi to all that read this one.

I am using one Voltage Regulator, (12v-5v) in and on the out 3.3v.

What I want to do, is use one (Surface Mount Right Angle Switch), max of 4v.

If I put the switch on the out (3.3v) of the voltage regulator to one led to ground and have one 9v battery hook up on the in of the (voltage regulator) .

When I switch the (Surface Mount Right Angle Switch) to off, will the 9 volt battery, over A long period time, lose it's milliamp hours or the voltage in the battery? Because the voltage regulator, is still hooked up.

Here is what I am asking, in A simple way. If (voltage regulator) has power hook up to it, does it eat voltage?

Here is the schematic, so if the switch to the led is off, will the voltage regulator run down the 9v battery.


Yes. The regulator is constantly burning power. Check the datasheet for the quiescent current.