12V 3A/5A DC Motor Control via Bluetooth and Wifi

Hello everyone,

i just got my first UNO R3 and I want to control a DC-motor via Wifi an Bluetooth (Smartphone and Laptop).

Motor:DC 12V, 3A; maybe 12V, 5A
Control: ON-OFF, RPM

I dont need to get data/information from the Arduino back if it's on, off or the rpm.
The direction of the motor is also not important.

I've got these parts:
"The most complete starter kit UNO R3 project", package list is on the website

In addition to that I have

No background knowledge!
Til now I only managed to control an LED via Bluetooth.

I found two interesting plans and sketches, which maybe can be combined, but I dont know how. A little help would be appreciated.

No. 1: Motorcontrol with IRF520 and potentiometer

No. 2: Control via IRF520 with ESP8266 GPIO

Could you guys explain me step by step how to do it?

Thanks a lot, have a nice 2. Chrismas day.

P.S. I dont want that potentiometer in there, control only via bluetooth and wifi.

Break your learning down into manageable parts.

  • Write a short program to receive data using Bluetooth and display it on the Serial Monitor.
  • Write another short program to do the same using WiFi.
  • Write a short program to control the speed (and direction ?) of your motor with a potentiometer.
  • When you can do all the tasks separately you can start to think about a combined program.

An L298 cannot power a 3 amp motor, and if you need direction control a single mosfet is not sufficient.

You could control the motor and communicate using WiFi with any of the ESP8266 devices without needing the Uno.

If you want the same program to be able to receive commands using both Bluetooth and WiFi you will need to think of a strategy to decide which one it is working with at any moment.

Planning and Implementing a Program

Hey Robin,

thank you for your reply.

I don't need to control the direction of the motor so the IRF520 should do fine, right?

I know that it's possible to control it only via esp8266, but I want to use the arduino because I'm planning to use a screen later on which shows a little welcome message and logo on startup followed by the rpm.

Okay, I need to write my own codes...
Can you recommend a good guide or book where i can sart at zero and learn all the basics, like "what does analoge write mean" and so on?

Thank you.

The reference section at the top of every Arduino page is a good place to go.

There is also a Useful Links Thread.

And I'm sure Google will find a large number of Arduino and C/C++ tutorials. I don't have any specific recommendation as I just picked up what I know over a long time.

I use the cplusplus website as my reference source for general C/C++ stuff