12V Battery Charging Circuit

Hi everyone,

I am building a project that uses a few gear motors, motor drivers, and an arduino mega. These motors operate at 12V and 1.2 amps each. There are 4 motors and two drivers. Currently to power this I am using a 12V 5A power supply, similar to a laptop charger.

My question is, I want to make this project run on rechargeable batteries, and charge when I plug the power supply into the circuit. and am not sure where to start. If someone could point me to a device, or article(s) on this, that would be great!

I'm thinking NiCad batteries, and ideally if a "shield" existed that was arduino controlled would be awesome but I can't seem to find anything that isn't for charging 3.3V lipo batteries.

Thanks in advance for your help, you guys rock.


If weight/size is not a problem, you could use a small 12volt sealed lead/acid battery. The (7Ah) ones used in alarm systems and computer UPSs are cheap. If you can adjust your supply to 13.6volt, then you can connect that directly to the battery for charging. Leo..