12V DC input?? is it Possible or do I need to a switching converter?

Being a newbie to Arduino I'd like to know their limitations.

I'm looking to explore their use in Automotive micro controlling applications.

What is the maximum DC Voltage supply I can give the unit and also what is the maximum current draw I could get from a digital output?

Thanks for any help or links to basics.

The max input is around 12V BUT it highly depends on what you want to drive (aka, total current draw). @12V the Arduino has barely margin and can just deliver the current it needs. So if you want to power anything else, get a converter. Tip, a USB car charger is cheap and easy :slight_smile:

And as for the output, they have an absolute max of 40mA per pin and 200mA for all pins combined. So better to stay well under it.

Thanks for the information,

If I was looking to drive something that had approx. 600 mA current draw how would I go about that?

Is it achievable with an Arduino based controller?

Yes it is. Just use a transistor (or a relay module to do so. Depends on what it is.

See This Page for controlling power with Arduino

See This Page about power considerations for the Arduino itself

This UNO compatible version has power input up to 27V and provides up to 2A at 5V because it has built-in switch mode power supply.

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