12v dc motor controller

OK I'm trying to control a 12v dc brushless motor with my arduino.
Can i just get a brushless motor controller that is used for rc cars or do i need to use an H-bridge or something completely different?
i want to use a pot to control motor speed and direction. im pretty the motor is a Single phase synchronous motor(http://openbookproject.net/electricCircuits/AC/AC_13.html#xtocid63652)

That link points to AC motors. You got an AC motor or a DC motor?

scroll down to the third picture on the link and that is the exact same motor i have except it only had 4 windings.

wow this pic is pretty big
the gray dots on upper left are the only contacts for the windings

The whole article is on AC motors. What did the motor come out of?

Single phase usually refers to single phase AC, as opposed to three phase AC. :slight_smile:

If you're looking for small DC motors, 12v or so, look here: http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-store/category/400/Motors/1.html

True, the article youi referred to concerned AC motors.


im sure this thing is dc it was a fan in a computer. i just wanted to know how to control a "stepper" motor on my arduino with a potentiometer



You need to know what kind of motor you have. Can you find a model number or a name or something on the motor? If so, you can just google it up on the internet; find out as much info on the motor as you can.

Small dc motors don't cost too much. Check the address (ALLELECTRONICS) that I posted in a previous post.
I've found small dc motors in hardware stores for $1.00 or just a few bucks.

im just doing this to get my head around motor controllers and whatnot. ty very much for the link pakrat

If you want this to interface with the arduino then you may want to use a motor shield. Here is some information on a popular motor shield and how to use it to control servos, DC motors and stepper motors.

If this is a typical PC fan motor then it it treated much like a regular DC motor. Some PC fans are stepper motors but the controlling hardware is built into the motor and all you do is give it 12VDC. Some PC fans use PWM to enable the PC motherboard to control the fan speed. These generally have 4 wires to them. If its only a 3 wire fan then it only needs the power too it. The yellow wire is used to report RPMs to the PC motherboard.

Also, to add the Mike's comments:

If you were working with an RC brushless DC motor (I know you're not; I am just saying "for example"), using an RC brushless motor controller (ESC) would be the easiest (and likely cheapest) method to control the motor. In such a case, the controller is simply fed a PWM signal just like you would a standard servo, and the width controls the speed (and sometimes, for controllers with the capability, the direction as well).