12v digital controller

Hi all am new to all this I need some information on

12v digital speed controller max amp rated 8 amp pwm

I buy theses units in the fit them inside a enclosure then I have it running a shurflow water pump 12v 100 psi max amps 8

It all works great but sometimes the mosfit transistor get hot and burns out , can I fit a bigger heatsink to help it cool down ? Or is there more needed like cooper pad or paste ? Am I bit lost now

Cheers Darren

A bigger/better heatsink and paste can help, but likely won't be enough.

The biggest problem I see is that your supply and load have the same max ratings. the supply should have ample headroom over the load.

Let's say that you can pick up a maximum 100 lbs. weight. so your employer says your job is to pick up 100 lb. weights. If 100 lbs. is your max it is not likely you will be able to do so all day without burning out, but if he say's your job is to pick up 50 lb. weights you should be able to do so all day with no issues.

I would choose a controller with a max rating of 15-20 amp's.

Few pics lads

Is there anyway I can make it 10 amps ?

Has anyone got any links to digital ones ?

Cheers once again

Motor Speed Control 2000W 10-50V 40A MAX DC PWM

Cheers mate

I really need need digital speed controllers

I make them look like this in pic

Thank you