12v LED display using UNO and UNL2003

hi there im using the uno AND THE 3 SEVEN segment LEDs (SMALL led) for the display they work fine when the CD4094 giving the proper output

But when i connect them to the 12V 4INCH seven segment display using the UNL2003 it is not showing any digits but when i test them with 12 v direct supply them work fine…

both the pics i have given below

nclude <EmSevenSegment.h>

EmSevenSegment disp(3,'A',4,3,2);

void setup(){

void loop(){

using this code only for testing

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Standard answer: Use high voltage shift registers (instead of the CD4094/ULN2003) to drive large displays.
The TPIC6B595 is cheap on ebay.
Three Arduino pins to drive as many digits as needed.

Sparkfun has a "large digit" example (Google it).

both the pics i have given below

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