12V Led's - using a wall plug?

Im very new in the whole arduino world. I have advanced knowledge in programming with C but nearly no knowledge when it comes to electronic engineering.
I want to build a customizable led background lighting using the arduino uno.
I've found relatively cheap WS2811 LEDs on Amazon but they need with 12V DC. I know that the Arduino is just capable of 5V. Ive found some other threads where they were using transistors and/or MOSFITs but that's a bit confusing for me.

So thats where I asked myself: cant I just use this wall plug for powering the LED's?:
Universal 12V power adapter
LED power adapter

This is the LED strip I want to use.

I also still want to be able to programm different light modes using my arduino. The power adapter should be compatible but do I have to plug the additional power cables into my arduino to or is the powersupply enought? And would that mean that I just have to plug the data cable into the Arduino assuming the power adapter is sufficient? :confused:

I hope my question isnt to confusing (or dumb :cold_sweat:)
Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can use that adapter. BUT only about 1,5m! 5m needs 6A. That is, if you want to be safe aka not blow things if you set all to white.

And be sure to connect the GND of that adapter to Arduino GND. Also, add a 470Ω resistor between the first led and the Arduino.

And note, those 12V strips are not controllable per led but per 3 led’s.

Thanks for the quick answer. Thats good and not good. I wanted to use a 5m version. Do I need extra Power if I use a 5m 5V LED strip like this one?

No, total power will stay the same. But a 5m strip like that you need 18A to get the same. And because of the high current, thick (>4mm2) cable as well.

But simply get yourself something like https://www.amazon.de/Netzteil-100W-MeanWell-LPV-100-12-Schaltnetzteil/dp/B00NOTR6KG/