12v power wiring question for Arduino + drivers

Hello, I have a beginners electronics question for you all:

I have a 12v 3.3a power supply (I actually have 2). I want to connect 2-3 stepper motors (28BYJ-48), 1 LCD, and some sensors. Could I connect them all in series to my power supply, or should I just power my board with the PS and connect everything to the 5v output on the arduino?

I only ask because I was reading on these forums that a 12v ps would get really hot, and I was wondering if it would be the same if I put the stepper drivers in series with the board.

All loads should be connected in parallel to each other and the power supply (provided the PS is rated for the sum of all currents demanded by all the loads and if each of the loads have an input voltage rating at the supply voltage)

So, no. Don't put your loads in series. Additionally, putting the loads and arduino in series to the PS will cause ground loops and communication faults - bad juju.

Thank you Power_Broker! Out of curiosity, is there a reason why loads should be put in series? If I understand correctly, the voltage experience by each component would be lower, but for say for ex 2 loads on a 12v supply in series means each component sees 6v. If the components are rated 5-12v, wouldn’t this still be enough to run both?

Also, sorry guys, first time on the forums and it seems like I posted in the wrong subgroup

The loads should NOT be put in series. And that's because there is no reason so assume that they will share the voltage equally. If they were two identical resistors they would. But otherwise...

Think about it. If they're in series the exact same current has to pass through all of the devices. So what happens if you put a motor needing 3A in series with an LED needing only 10mA ?