12v Proportional Solenoids

Hey Everyone!

I was hoping to get a little bit of advice.

I am planning to control two 12V Hydraulic solenoids. Bottom of page 35 in manual for PVEH.

I have a regulated 12V source available.
The solenoids are at 0 at 0.5 * SupplyV
A-port ↔ B-port 0.25 → 75 * SupplyV

My thoughts were:
Two logic level N MOSFETs
RC filter after each MOSFET with R=1K and C=100nF

This will give me a settling time of 0.00023 seconds and a ripple of 0.159v (~1%).

Does this sound like a good approach?

I have been trying to get a simulation to work but I am doing something wrong. Schematic attached.

Could someone please point me in the right direction?


A low pass filter is not required for PWM control, see pg. 25. Make sure that the PWM frequency is >1kHz for PVEH.

I could not yet figure out the input impedance/current for PWM. The signal current specification of 0.25-70mA is quite cryptic, together with the 12k input impedance. Eventually you need a totem pole (push/pull) output to drive the solenoid input, if the 70mA limit applies to PWM input. A H-bridge chip or module may be a simple solution for driving 2 solenoids, by one half bridge each.

Hi, Look at page 25, how to do with just PWM.

More efficient and less hardware.

Tom... :)

How did I miss that :confused:

Thanks legends!

I’ll run with a H-bridge motor driver I think.