12v Pulse In to Buzzer Out w/reset

Hi, I'm working on a functional project that i would really appreciate some assistance with.

Complete Novice.

Input is a 12v pulse.
I recognize this needs to be lowered to meet arduino input voltage limitations.

What I want it to do is when it sees the input signal it sends a continuous output signal to either a voltage stepper or relay to a loud alarm buzzer with a reset switch.

I have a 5vdc piezo buzzer to play with until I get the relay.

Only gone so far as to initiate a simple blinking program to alternate the buzzer on and off as a start.

I don't know how to set up the input signal to trigger the program or set up the reset switch yet.

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Good Luck!

You can have the 12V pulse drive a transistor as a buffer

I apologize if i ran afoul of posting protocol, theres a lot of sections.

I'll do some research on crossroads schematic, thank you for that and repost in the proper places.

I don't mind hiring someone if need be, making this work has real world implications for me, not just a hobby project.

Thanks for the help!

You can have Arduino drive a transistor in the same way to sink 12V current thru a relay coil.