12v Relay with ESP32

Hi, I need some help on my project. I connected 12v supply to COM on relay and Positive wire from my load(lamp) to the Normally Open. The problem is I realised that my relay doesn’t work as my coding instructions. The 12v only at normally close it seems like the relay doesn’t receive any signal from my ESP32. Anyone can help ?

request, more info about the relay.

request, post the code you are trying to use to do the relay thing. Use code tags.

request, a few images of your wiring.

request, post a schematic.

request, are you using a ESP32 multi core or ESP32 S (single core) or ESP8266?

request, why are you trying to drive a 12V relay with a 3.3V MCU?

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This will help with advice on how to present your code and problems.

A circuit diagram will help us understand your component layout.

What relay or relay module are yo using?
Can you post a link to spec/data?

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I’m sure it’s the blue wire with the yellow trace.
Swap it with the flange leveller, that should sort it out for you.


What do you mean by that ?

It is a sarcastic reply

He means that you have not posted a schematic of your project , details of the relay, details of the board being used or your code so we cannot provide help

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