12v rgb led strip


can any one give me the internal leds connection diagram of 12v rgb led strip ?

Not without knowing which RGB led strip you are talking about.

not exactly for my strip. you can give me any rgb strip internal connections. I want to know how the SMD resistors connected to SMD leds.

there is no "universal" way to do it. they could be common cathode or anode. but because you talk about 12volt most of the times there are 3 or 4 separate one-color leds in series with a resistor. keep in mind that most leds only need 2 volt to burn, and wasting 10volts in a resistor is not really efficient.

3 reds in series take a 330 ohm resitor, 3 blues and 3 greens each take a 150 Ohm resistor. The 3 series are likely connected to same +12V on their positive anode side. The resistors can be anywhere in the series, first, last, or in between the LEDs. http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz