12v single channel relay

I have been working with this 12v relay board all day and cant get it to work the correct way, I have wired up an external power supply to the VCC and also wired up ground and the relay clicks when I give power and take away power. I am trying to get it to work with an Arduino Uno, I have the data pin being used to send data to the relay and nothing happens it just sits with 2 solid LEDS on, I also put a jumper for ground from the arduino to the perf board and that also has the ground from the external power supply, when I wire up the VCC to my data pin and the IN port to 5v from the arduino the leds flash like its suppose to do with the basic code. When I looked up my order its suppose to be a 5v relay but I was probably shipped the wrong one. I did order some 5v relays from Amazon which havent came in yet. I read another post about something similar and he said his ground from the arduino was wired up to the NC on the relay board, hopefully I can seek some guidance on how to get this to work.

If this is an opto coupled relay board but the relay is a 12 volt coil the Arduino can feed the input side but the coil will need 12 volts. On some boards there is a jumper that decides if Arduino supplies the 5 volt coil or a separate supply feeds it in which case you use external supply of 12 v to feed coil and the Arduino feeds the control portion via opto coupler a HIGH should allow it to turn on. Relays specific to Arduino are 5v. If you are just using a 12vdc relay then a transistor or MOSFET is needed. If you are controlling an AC load i.e. 120 vac light etc. then use Solid State Relays easy to connect and silent. If you have an opto coupler IC you can use that also. A pix of relay board would help

I've never heard of a relay that can only conduct 5V or 12V so I am guessing those refer to the voltage needed to switch the thing.

I have relays to switch house mains. I use FETs to switch more than small DC and BJT's to handle the light work.