12V Steppper Motor

Hi, I'm new to arduino codes and circuits. The fact is that I have a 12V stepper motor and I am using an Arduino NANO with an expansion board (similar to the MKR2 UNO ADAPTER board), this has 3V3 and 5V outputs, and as you may have already realized, I need to power the motor power driver with 12V for it to move, but the problem is that I am sourcing the expansion board with a 9V PP3 battery. So my question would be if it is possible to connect the battery in series with a 3V3 output, thus giving me 12V output, enough to power the driver.

I suppose you could, effectively elevating the 9V Gnd to 3.3V so, the positive would measure 12.3.

HOWEVER: the 3.3V output on a real Nano comes from the FT232 chip that provides the USB interface, and is only good for 50mA. A 9V battery only has total capacity of 300-400mAH. A stepper motor wil drain that pretty quick.

Do yourself a favor and get a 12V wallwart, or an 8-cell battery pack to create the 12V.

depending on how much current the stepper needs. Can always go bigger than you rated, the stepper will only draw as much as it needs. (i.e., a 1A rated stepper will only draw 1A, even if a 3A supply is used).

Hi, I'm new to arduino codes and circuits. The fact is that I have a 12V stepper motor

Please post a link to the specifications for your motor.

The motor will almost certainly work better with an 18v or 24 supply if you use a specialised stepper driver such as the DRV8825 which can limit the current to protect the motor.

A redundant laptop power supply would probably be suitable. I have one that produces 6 amps at 19v.

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I finally realized that the problem for which the motor did not move was that the power driver was burned out, so I changed it for a new one and now everything works correctly, of course the motor does not move at the speed that It should because instead of feeding it with 12 volts I do it with 9V from the battery. Thanks for responding my thread, really, you helped a lot :).

Stepper motors don't have a voltage rating, only a current rating, resistance and inductance.

Please always provide a link to the datasheet or product page for any piece of hardware you
mention so we can find out what it is.

A 9V battery isn't suitable for powering any motor, let alone steppers.