12V WS2811 Strip - 3 Connections

Hello, I'm very new to the Arduino. I have limited coding experience and am learning the Arduino using an elegoo kit and following along with a youtube class. I'm using an Arduino UNO Rev3.

I purchased a 1 meter (60 LED) WS2812b strip, a small supply of 1000uf capacitors, and illuminated the strip using a 5V/8A power supply and the FastLED library example code. I'm learning how to modify the examples to change the lighting designs and following along with another youtuber to learn the nuts and bolts of the library and create my own sketches. I plan to create US holiday themed window displays (St Patrick's day, Independence day, Christmas, New Years, etc.

I also ordered a 12V WS2811 lighting strip from Amazon along with 2 small 12V/3A power supplies. I thought I would need to run mosfets to each color channel, but there are only 3 connections on the strip - same as the WS2812b strip (not sure if the "+" connection says "12V" or not).

My project question: If the strip is WS2811, do I connect it and run the same libraries as the WS2812?

My project question: If the strip is WS2811, do I connect it and run the same libraries as the WS2812?

You sure took the long way to ask the question.
You don't say which library you are using, posting your code according to forum guidelines would help, but the WS series of LED controllers are very similar and you should be able to use them by just changing the identifier in the library init in the setup() function.

But, without seeing your sketch, I am just guessing.

Here's an idea. Try it.

Thanks! The only sketches I used were examples from the FastLED library, and it worked fine on the WS2812s. I'll hook them up this weekend and see what happens.

You don't need MOSFETs. The 5V & 12V strips work the same way with one data line, plus power and ground.

Instead of one MOSFETs driver controlling each color, each WS2811/12 LED has an RGB LED and RGB driver (and more) built-into one device. (The 12V strips might have one controller for every 3 LEDs with groups of 3 LEDs connected in series, but I'm not sure.)

Quick Update - the strip works fine. Next question:
Arduino Nano
FastLED Library
No code at this time

I would like to run two 5 meter WS2811 strips. I would like one strip to mirror the other (same effect, same timing). Is this something that requires using 2 data output pins from the Nano, or would chaining the second strip to the same breadboard output be an option?

Thanks in advance

You can connect them serially dOUT hooked to the second strip dIN, and double the number of LEDs in your code. In software just do the same thing to two pixels at a time. Lime pixel X and pixel X + N, N the number of pixels on each strip.

This remains flexible: you aren't locked into identical behaviour by you hardware design.

OR if you really mean both strips will always show exactly the same thing at the same time, you can just feed the same logic output pin you select to both strips at the dIN point on each.


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