1307 Clock Module Problem

Dear friends, I bought this DS1307 clock module from Sparkfun (http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=99) and was using it with my Ardunio controller to get the dates and timings going.

It was working perfectly fine till today evening.. thats about a month or so since purchase.

Today i find that the clock has stopped working!!!... and if i remove it and plug it back into the board, it works for about a few mintues and then stops workings...

I used the regular clock module code the check the operations, the same case. The seconds keeps ticking for a few minutes and then it is the same second that shows on teh Serial display, no increase in second.

Is this a problem with clock module? if so what is it? or is there some other problem?

Did you try replacing the battery? If you're using the battery that came with it (if one did), that battery could be old.

No i havent tried that. And yes, it did come with it's battery... and it stated that battery will work upto 9 years or so!!! ... does it mean that the board is 9years old? or unused battery drains quickly?

Well, the battery is never "unused" it's actually powering the internal memory(or the chip itself, I dunno) so it can keep the time. So once you program the correct time, and then unplug it, it won't lose the time.. it should still be within the .01 seconds of the actual time you programmed.

But, I believe the battery only lasts 3 days without being charged (depends on the batteries and setup), so if you didn't have it plugged in for some time.. it's probably just a dead battery.

Try plugging it in and leaving it plugged in for an hour ish, then try again.

I suspect maybe a flacky crystal or maybe a bad solder joint somewhere, or something like that. The non-rechargable battery should last for several years as it only supplies current when external voltage is gone and then only a microamp or less. If it was a bad battery, then the symptom would be not just stop timing but the time/date data would be all garbage data.

From the data sheet:

"A lithium battery with 48mAhr or greater will back up the DS1307 for more than 10 years in the absence of power at 25ÂșC. UL recognized to ensure against reverse charging current when used in conjunction with a lithium battery."


On the DS1337 (which is similar to the DS1307) the current draw is 1.5uA when the I2C interface is not active. The battery should last for a long time if the i2c
bus is not active. When using the i2c bus the current draw is 150uA.

The battery could be defective so you may want to try a replacement. If you
physical move the module (unplug and plug) I would check for mechanical
and workmanship defects as was suggested.

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