14 pin LCD


I think i bought the wrong LCD, one I got looks like the ordinary ones you can see on the tutorials about the parallel LCD. Fact is that this one have just 14 pins.

Anyway, someone know what is this? Can i use the LCD library on it?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, it may be the correct lcd without a backlight. So there will be no b+ or b-.


In the beginning virtually all LCD modules had 14 pins and no backlight. The early modules that did have backlights did not use LEDs for that purpose. They frequently had the backlight connections at the end of the board where you connected a high voltage (>100v) supply. Now many, if not most, LCD modules have LED backlights and two extra pins for them lined up with the original 14 pins.

The bottom line is that the programming for the LCD module is the same (if it has an HD77780 compatible controller) regardless of the presence or the type of backlight.


Well, you know what they say… ask uncle Google, what does it say about your LCD… I’m sure it has a number of some kind and therefor you can look into a datasheet. Check it out :wink:

Many thanks for the answers, im happy now to be able to use this LCD.

Well, you know what they say... ask uncle Google, what does it say about your LCD

Two things about this LCD: 1-> It dont have a part number printed on it 2-> It´s from China

I respect China but they tend to produce things a lot under a wide "generic" point of.... not having any reference :P