144 LED total 12 buttons with 12 options.

The arduino only has so many outputs on the board itself (a lot less than 144) is there anyway i can add a chip or something to control the rest of the leds?


basically the program monitors what button on the right is pressed and lights up the 12 firework options on the left when say button 1A is pressed A light shuts off etc etc... i have the program set up the way i think it should work the only problem is im not sure how to control all 144 LEDs any suggestions?

Hi Dustin,


is a good example, you only need to extend this example to 144 LEDs.

good luck Mike

I hope you were talking about the schematics... its in German but thanks Ill give them a look over. How would I go about addressing each of them in the code then?


would something like this work?

Use Shift Registers or LED Driver chips. That way you can have as many LED's as you liek and only use 3 outputs from your Arduino.

you can also use some I2C IO chip like this one:


Another, similar, I2C chip. Remember you can drop multiple I2C chips on the same line, long as they have unique addresses :)

how would i know if they have a unique hex address? is all that stuff on the data sheet(s)? thanks guys now all i have to do is get the chips!

thanks again

yeah the address hex values are on the data sheet. thank you guys. now all i need are the chips and ill be set.... hopefully. :) :D