14C01 Ultrasonic sensor

I was wondering if anyone here had ever dealt with a 14C01 Ultrasonic sensor from Futurlec.com? This is a two-wire weatherproof sensor that is meant for vehicle backing systems to detect objects before you run into them. Here's the link:


There's a sample circuit in Figure 4, but I'm having some difficulty deciphering it. Is the "IFT Turn ratio 1:7" a transformer? My searches aren't turning up a suitable component for this. Also, can someone explain the TL084A to me? Everything else is self-explanatory, though.

I haven't found any Arduino-related code for this component, but I'll likely try the PulseIn function once I get it wired up (unless someone has something better in mind.)

Building your own ultrasonic sensor unless you have either
a) a known-working circuit or
b) an oscilloscope or
c) boundless patience
is an object lesson in hair-loss.

Also, can someone explain the TL084A to me?

To amplify the return signal.
(I’m guessing the diodes are for main bang suppression)

Ok, good to know. My plan was to use the Parallax ping device as a comparison to see if I could develop a working program. I'm interested in this device because it's weatherproof and can be used on vehicles for collision avoidance, or for measuring snow levels (pointing it straight down from a balcony and checking the depth). I just need to know more about the two components I mentioned above.

Here’s the diagram, if I can get it to post.

The transformer is there to boost the drive voltage to the transducer. A lot of the commercial sonars use things like MAX232 drivers for the same purpose. I'm pretty sure if you look around, you'll find the circuits for the Devantech SRF04, for reference.

What sort of range are you trying to achieve? Longer ranges require better amplification to detect the return pulse.

I'm only looking for a little over 10 feet, which is the same as the Parallax Ping device. I don't suppose you could provide me with a link to the correct transformer to use? I think I can figure out the amplifier part.

I'd try an automotive components specialist. Ten feet is quite a long way, in respect of a parking sensor.

Did you work with 14C01 ? I have the same problem now, I have to use this one in my project.

Regards, Emilio

Ever got the sensor working? I bought some and was wondering how to get working with arduino.