15 Buttons on Arduino Leonardo

Hi guys,

Sorry for coming here with all these questions, but I'm sort trying to figure this out for a school project and I've kind of dove into the feet first.

Anyways, I had a thread here a while back about the feasibility of using the Arduino with push buttons to control a PowerPoint, and was given the go-ahead when people told me it should work. I deleted that thread though, which is why my post count is at zero. Anyways, enough of that.

I'm using a Leonardo as I previously stated, and will be having fifteen different push buttons that will be used to send a keyboard command to control a PowerPoint running on my laptop. The push buttons I ordered were listed as SPST, NO, and momentarily on.

I was just hoping I could get some help and maybe also get pointed towards some tutorials that I could have a go at to learn a bit, and when I need help I'm hoping I can come here as well.

EDIT: This is what I have, if it's important: Arduino Leonardo, the wire I will need, the push buttons, USB cables, and three breadboards. I was planning on using the pull-up resistors that are built in.