15A Dual Motor Driver, Arduino with Joystick Inputs


I just bought a 15A dual motor driver off Amazon recently.

Link right here-


The driver didn't come with a lot of information unfortunately. But I'm trying to make it work with two 500W Brushed DC Motors with PWM inputs from my Arduino Uno controlled by a joystick. It worked at first ,but then all of a sudden the whole thing doesn't work when I changed my power supply to a bigger one(PS 2042-10B).

The circuit set-up and coding are replicated straight off this tutorial that I've just read. So you can find the coding and schematic details in the site.
Link heree-L298N Motor Driver - Arduino Interface, How It Works, Codes, Schematics

Since everything's busted, I try to work it with a small 1.5A DC Motor first.
Here's the connection:
PWM1 = Pin 4
DIR1 = Pin 9
+5V = 5V(UNO)
POWER = +power supply, GND = -power.s, MOTOR1(+,-)= motor

The motor spins immediately when I connect the +5V but the PWM signal doesn't seem to work.
I assume the driver current bypasses the signal current from the UNO.

Any ideas?? :confused: :confused:

15 A is a lot. Even 10 A, which your power supply can supply, is a lot. Did you have heatsinks on the mosfets of the driver?

Thanks for the quick reply man,

No I don't. I did test it out up till 160W though with the 500W motors. The Mosfets ,coils and the chips I still can feel them with my fingers. But I am thinking about getting heatsinks soon just in case.