16*16 dot matrix schematic

I am building a 16*16 dot matrix with 4 8*8 small matrix.The internal connection of those 4 matrices is little bit puzzling to me .To simplify or clarify myself about the internal connection i made this schematic.If any one can recheck and confirm about my connection..i will be grateful |500x342 Its a RAF sketch. so sorry for clumsy connection

Conventionally anodes are at the top so I would have drawn it the other way round but it looks right to me.

The problem with a compound 16 by 16 matrix is that you would be using a 1 in 16 multiplex.

You really don't want to do that.

Just go buy four of these 8 by 8 matrix modules including the MAX7219 drivers, and stack them together. |500x500 {That link is the discount for all four; you just stack them as 2 by 2 instead of four in a line. Mind you, you may actually get grander ideas in the meantime. :grinning: }