16 analog signals on 8 analoginputpins

I am looking for some kind of multiplexer or something which will work as 8 parallel switches controlled by one bit. ive been looking for this part for quite some time now but i haven't found it yet

the thing is that i want to read out 16 analog signals using only 8 analog inputs and one or more digital outputs to controll it what do you guys recomand for me?

controlled by one bit.

one or more digital output

Is it one or more?

Check out 1-of-2 muxes like the SN74CB3Q3257, you'll need 2 of them.


This project:- http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/MIDI_Footsteps.html Has 16 analogue signals feeding into 2 analogue inputs controlled by 3 digital outputs.

thanks for your replies, is the SN74CBT16232 suitable you think ?

No not at all. This is for selecting one out of two 16 bit wide analogue inputs.

It is just like two inputs one output 16 times.

It is just like two inputs one output 16 times.

but thats what i need, only the 8-bit version

i just simply need to switch from 2 rows of analog inputs (potmeters)

however i just got another idea what if just simple switch the Vcc of the pots in stead of all the analog signals. i would use 2 digital Outputs to do so. would that work?

No because the wipers of the pots would be connected together and so the value read on the pot with the Vcc switched in would be affected by the other pot.

See this project for what you want http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/MIDI_Footsteps.html