16-bit 44.1kHz uncompressed PCM audio output?

Good evening!

I am a student of audio engineering in San Francisco, currently working on a psychoacoustic effect that utilizes frequencies at which the human hearing system is most sensitive to create a "laser" sound that seems to emanate from "inside," your head.

My desire is such that the end product will be a small box with a large button stating, "Do not press this button." Upon activation, the box will play the aforementioned sound at an amplitude sufficient enough to illicit an otoacoustic emission. My desire is also that the box operate as a standalone device, thus it needs to have a DAC capable of decoding 16-bit, 44.1kHz uncompressed PCM audio. (Mono.)

I've been trolling the forums, and it seems that there are devices that will play 22kHz at 16-bit, however, as the effect is substantially dependent upon upper-harmonic content, I require a higher sample rate in order for the device to be affective. (Nyquist dictates that the 22kHz playback devices will cut off at 11kHz before alias.)

Has anyone come across a shield/schematic for a circuit that will meet the 16-bit 44.1kHz requirement in a small form-factor? (I've also looked at the Y2 DIY DAC build, but that design increases the form factor of the device substantially.)

Thanks in advance!!



So you want to send data to a DAC at a 88.2KHz rate, or 11.3 microsecond/bit data rate, 90uS per byte. Fastest SPI transfers are done at 0.125 uS clock rate (8 MHz) so it takes 1uS to clock out a byte. If the data you want is in an array, you could read the array & write out to a DAC pretty quickly and meet time times needed. Find a fast SPI DAC at www.analog.com that meets your needs as a starting point.

Hi, With the Due you can play 44kHz / 12 bits audio. If you really want 16 bits audio, you can add a little built-in DAC chip, it won't increase the size of your device.