16 bit conventor

Hello, I am trying to connect this tft screen to an arduino nano.

The problems is there is enough digital pins. I googled for "serial to 16 bit" and found this: http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/74/74F675A.pdf. Is thisvrealy what I need?

Thank you.

Yes. Using a shift register to add output pins is common practice. The shiftOut() function will help. You'd use the ShiftOut() twice in the main_write_DATA() function to send the data to your shift register.

I connect Q0 - > db01 ...etc? And I need to change the tft library code right?

Witch pin goes to the arduino?

Thank you.

Read http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ShiftOut

I cant understand from the tutorial what to connect to the arduino.
in my chip, there are some extra more function like the r/w and the SHCP and the STCP.

Can you please help me with some diagram?
SI - serial input (I get this)
CP - active low (ground)
Witch pin goes where?