16 BlinkM mini's Arduino and Max MSP PLEASE HELP!!


Im trying to control at least 16 BlinkM mini's with one Arduino 2560.

First is that possible? I thought that I could connect each one to a digital output but haven't been abel to get even one to do this. Im trying to use Max MSP to tell each one to show a different colour and them change as I wish. Does anyone know of any documentation to do this. I can get them to change colour on stand alone but i want them to stay connected to the arduino and my Mac. Iv been searching all the forums but cant find anything that can help, it seems everyone only uses analog pins 4 and 5


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Each BlinkM can have its own I2C address. To set the address, you send a BlinkM the "Set Address" command. See the BlinkM datasheet for details on how to do this in your own code. The datasheet also contains some diagrams on how to hook up multiple BlinkMs. Also, check out my "BlinkM Cylon" for an example using 13 BlinkMs.

Probably the easiest way to set the address of each BlinkM is to use the Tools menu of the BlinkMSequencer2 application (available the downloads section of the "linkm" Googlecode project. The sequencer works with both Arduino and our LinkM USB-to-I2C adapter.

Let me know if you have any more questions about BlinkMs. We also have a BlinkM support forum on Get Satisfaction with other people using BlinkMs.

-=tod (creator of BlinkM)

yes thank you both for your answers, I think Ill stick with the blinkM I need something quite high powered thats easy to control. It seems once I get everything together it will work.