16 custom characters on 40x4 LCD display

Ok, I have an interesting quesion.

Because the 40x4 LCD has 2 HD44780 controllers, can't it theoretically have 16 custom characters, just 8 in each half of the screen?

Not sure of the possible practical uses of this, just thought i'd throw it out there... :smiley:


It looks that way to me. We'll have to get jrraines, the resident 40x4 tinkerer, to verify.


Yeah I am hoping he will see this :slight_smile:

I will send him a nudge :stuck_out_tongue:

Annoyingly I am pretty sure that the 40x4 is classed as 2 40x2s top and bottom... It would have been nice if they were classed as 2 20x4s, left and right. Then I might have found a use for this... As it is, I think it's pretty useless but interesting...
Would mean that I could do a 2 line bargraph visualiser on the bottom and custom characters on the top though :slight_smile:


sorry I was slow to find this post. I answered the question elsewhere:

Yeah no worries, I saw the other post.

I have not tried your proposed code but it looks like it will work. My 40x4 was being a pain last time I used it so I left it for a bit and moved onto removing outliers from my ultrasonic range finder code.