16 multiplexed i2c sensors

I am trying to make a 3d scan with the vl6180x laser sensors. To minimize scan times, I have created a sensor bar with 16 sensors in parallel. All the SCL lines are all together, and connected to the arduino (I have removed all the SCL pullup resistors). While I have the SDA lines multiplexed with a CD74HC4067 mux. For power I have a 12 volt source connected. In the diagram I have only put 4 sensors but there would be 16.

The sensors are configurated in continuous mode.

In theory everything should work fine. But in practice, the sensors randomly fail. Sometimes some work and others don't, but not always the same. I think it's a powering problem, but I don't know how to power the project.

Does anyone know a solution?

Thanks in advance.

Does anyone know a solution?

A starting point would be to post your code and a complete schematic.

If the sensors are in continuous mode maybe they're interfering with one another?

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