16 x 2 Alphanumeric Display Shield With Library

I am developing a large alphanumeric shield with a control library based around the Maxim MAX6955 ic. There are 4 ic's on board and it uses the i2c protocol for comms. There is also a serial input on the board so you can easily hook up to any other project (arduino or not)

The design is based around arcade pinball displays. I've been working on pinball machines rewriting software, creating new hardware, restoring, repairing and modding for many years now and want to add something cool to the pot for arcade minded arduino fans. See here -


I am running a kickstarted project for it to try and raise funds to get it made and hope that people who are interested in it will have a look here:


I also would like to meet up with other modders and hackers around the Leeds, UK area if you are into similar projects such as this and may want to use this for cool arcade projects of your own.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: