16mm film telecine: camera shutter triggering

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I am Marco and I want to build a 16mm telecine machine. The mechanics of a 16mm projector will be used. The original 220V monophase motor will be replaced by a stepper motor for CNC. The motor will be controlled by Arduino, by using the Arduino motor shield. Original lamp will be replaced with a LED light source.

Now the main question: usually people use common digital camera to take a photo of each frame.
In their case, Arduino triggers the shutter and a photo is taken and saved in an SD memory.
In my case, I would like to use one an high quality microscope camera (something like this: BioVID 4K 16MP Ultra HD Microscope Camera – Laboteca US). Arduino shall "only" trigger the camera to take a picture. Arduino shall not be used in this case to process photo, but only to coordinate the actions (motor control, shutter activation, etc).

Do you know if Arduino can trigger the shutter of one of these industrial cameras?

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I think it will not be possible unless the arduino and the camera are connected to the same computer running a custom program to trigger the camera when it receives a Serial command from the arduino.

In the camera software download, there is an SDK with a few examples ( Camera Software — LW Scientific )

That won't be easy if you don't know programming !

It might be possible if you connect your Arduino to Ethernet and you can find directions for controlling the camera over Ethernet.

Another option may be to have a USB-capable Arduino (Leonardo, Micro) to act as a mouse and control the built-in software.

Thank you for your replies.

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