16U2 firmware USB VID/PID for xMega Board (ATxMega256A3U)

Hello @all,

I decide to build an Arduino board with an ATxmega256A3U (based on the pcb-layout from the MEGA2560-Board).

I want to use the USB-to-Serial converter with the ATmega16U2 from the MEGA2560-Board (Rev.3) and must adapt the firmware for use with the xmega256.

The follwing extracts are from the ArduinoCore-sam-master found in https://github.com/arduino/ArduinoCore-sam

In the Descriptors.h in the firmware folder I found:

    /* Product-specific definitions: */
    #define ARDUINO_UNO_PID             0x0001
    #define ARDUINO_DUE_PID             0x003D
    #define ARDUINO_MEGA2560_PID                0x0010

The Descriptors.c contains:

USB_Descriptor_Device_t PROGMEM DeviceDescriptor =
    .Header                 = {.Size = sizeof(USB_Descriptor_Device_t), .Type = DTYPE_Device},

    .USBSpecification       = VERSION_BCD(01.10),
    .Class                  = 0x02,
    .SubClass               = 0x00,
    .Protocol               = 0x00,

    .Endpoint0Size          = FIXED_CONTROL_ENDPOINT_SIZE,

    .VendorID               = 0x2341, // Arduino
    .ProductID             = 0x003D, // Arduino Due on board USB2Serial

    .ReleaseNumber          = 0x0001,

    .ManufacturerStrIndex   = 0x01,
    .ProductStrIndex        = 0x02,
    .SerialNumStrIndex      = USE_INTERNAL_SERIAL,

    .NumberOfConfigurations = FIXED_NUM_CONFIGURATIONS

Which VID/PID can I use (private use, non commercial)? Can I use the VID 0x2341 (Arduino) with a user defined PID (e.g. 0x004D)?

Best regards