16x2 LCD 1602A dosn't work witch i2c PCF8574AT

I've bought I2C LCD module (PCF8574AT) to my 1602A LCD screen and i know that it's a lot articles about thtat, but I've tried much and no one was work.
I'm begginer and i don't know what should i do.
I2C scanner written by Nick Gammon shows"I2C SCANNING..." and thats it. Scanner even doesn't show Found 0 devices. and while i'm trying to show something on LCD i don't see anything. I can see one line of rectangles on maximum contrast, but sometimes rectangles disapear on the same contrast.
With normal wiring LCD work perfctly.
I'm using NewLiquidCrystal_V1.5.1.zip library

Use my hd44780 library. GitHub - duinoWitchery/hd44780: Extensible hd44780 LCD library
It should work out of the box as it auto locates the address and self configures the pin mappings.
The library is available in the IDE library manager so it is easy to install directly from the IDE.
If you don't know how to use the IDE library manger see the installation instructions on the github page.
Use the hd44780_I2Cexp i/o class.
First run the included I2CexpDiag sketch to test the i2c signals, LCD backpack, and LCD RAM.
It includes lots of documentation.

--- bill