Hi, I followed this page: http://electro.nitishdash.com/2014/12/interfacing-16x2-lcd-with-arduino.html

and made a lcd demo. But, there is zero bright level on the lcd? :cry: :cry:
It is not clear. I dont know how may I fix it? Please. help. Also, character is not clear.

Please, I have to submit my project to school very soon. So, please hurry to help me. i want to display humidity and temperature in lcd. :-[

Have you got power to the backlight?

That tutorial is a lot better than most of the ones I have seen but he really should have had you assemble and test the circuit step by step.

First remove the six wires connecting the breadboard to the arduino.

Now you want to make sure that the backlight is working which just involves the components connected to pins 15 and 16. The backlight should be off if you disconnect the red wire connected to pin 16 and on when you reconnect it.

Next you want to check out the power and contrast which only involves pins 1, 2, and 3. You should see black rectangles on the top row of your display. If the display is blank or if you also see rectangles on the bottom row then you have to experiment with the resistors associated with pin 3. Did you notice that the one connected to +5v is 10K ohms (orange third band) while the others are 1K ohms (red third band).

If you don't see a single row of rectangles then there is no sense proceeding beyond this point since no amount of programming will help you. You must get this working first.

When you reconnect the six wires to your Arduino and verify that LCD pin 5 is connected to GND your display should work.