16X2 LCD Serial Mirroring

Greetings everyone.

I post this following some lengthy (although perhaps inexperienced) searching for a similar thread. Having been unable to find some ground for traction… Maybe this can serve as a good launching point for others trying to sort this likely novice idea out.

Quickly here, I’m currently working through a project involving some RFID access control. Written into the code I’ve cobbled together from its respective authors, are some Serial.println’s.

Here’s what I’m exploring and hoping to get some guidance with:

I have a ESP8266 16x2 LCD that I would like to include. I’d like to do this by ‘mirroring’ the outputs to serial monitoring once the projects is moved to permanent placement. I have been able to do this to an extent with an OLED by literally duplicating each Serial.println with a matching display.println. However, I am curious if there is a method that would reduce some of the excessive addition in the code.

I do wish to point out that I do not have extensive C knowledge and apologize if this is simple oversight of where to seek these answers. If nothing else I’d like to get a better understand for best practices.

MCU: Arduino MEGA2560 R3
RFID: Sunfounder RC522 (MFRC522 - Datasheet
RFID Code/Credit Reference: Github
16X2 LCD / IC2 Backpack: Amazon Apologies for not having a datasheet here.
Arduino IDE Ver. 1.8.4

Thanks for having a look!