16X2 Lcd troubles

I am setting up an atomic clock with a serial 16X2 LCD like the one in Popular Science a couple months ago. I had it all working on a breadboard and i soldered on a wire to the Lcd and connected the rest with female header cables. When I tried it again, the backlight and Pot adjustments worked, but no text is showing. I am running a Arduino Pro 328. I've tried rewiring it three times now and have uploaded basic sketches to it and am ready to just buy a new LCD. Just wanted to ask you all and make sure theres no common error that I am overlooking. Thanks in advance!

Make sure pin 1 is pin 1.

Look under a magnifying glass for cold solder joints and our loose pins / bridged pins.

Your code and a picture will go a long way in getting help here. Maybe you misconnected a pin or something but why not giving use the basic code and a picture? :)

Did you put in a pot for contrast adjustments? What I have noticed is that these LCDs are rather particular on the voltage on the contrast pin. But again, if you could provide your diagram that would help simplify things.