16x32 LED martix please help!!

Hoping someone can help me, I am using 16x32 matrix and want to use a timer at the same time look for analog inputs(vibration sensor-qty 9) but because i am constantly sending data to update the matrix sometimes the vibration sensor does not register....if i increase SAMPLE_TIME2 my inputs register because i am not sending data to my matrix but then my timer will not be accurate... is there a driver out there where i can send data to start and stop the timer only?

int SAMPLE_TIME2 = 70;
unsigned long currentTime = 0;

if (millis() >= currentTime + SAMPLE_TIME2) {
      countDownNumber = countDownNumber + .1;
      matrix.fillScreen(1); // Clear background
      matrix.setTextColor(matrix.Color333(7, 7, 7));
      matrix.setCursor(2, 0);

      currentTime = millis();

Nice You use code tags but to be sure, attache the entire code.

maybe use interrupts to pick pick up vibrations outside LCD write routines. Also pre-set text size and colour?