16x32 RGB Matrix

I connected the Matrix after this Tutorial: Connecting with Jumper Wires | 32x16 and 32x32 RGB LED Matrix | Adafruit Learning System and Im not sure how to connect the row select line :confused: And if I burn textcolors there just light up two red lines.. Im using the 16 by 32 RGB Matrix from Sparkfun i think and an Arduino Mega 2560. To connect A,B,C I used the Guide from sparkfun

Hi, it seems pretty clear to me from the tutorial how you should connect the row select lines. There are 3, called A, B, C and you should connect them to A0, A1, A2. If you have the 32x32 matrix there wlll also be a D row select line to be connected to A3. If you don't connect them, only 2 rows will light. Can you say more about what is confusing you?