16x3x12 led spectrum analyzer with a mega.

hello all,

i am planning to expand on a previous project of a small 9x10 led spectrum analyzer with an uno to a 3D one that is 16 led's in length, 3 wide and 12 high, using a mega. Before i start buying components i would like to know first if this is possible with the mega's power alone or if i will need additional one. There would be 576 LED's total each with a forward voltage of 3.2 and 15mA for optimal brightness. I am only concerned with the hardware at this point. I believe that ,by multiplexing, a single column with 12 LEDs will draw about 180mA from the pin which can only supply 40mA so i was thinking using a P-channel mosfet as a switch. I am still a novice so I'm not sure on everything that might be needed or how it might need to be wired so any direction helps. thanks in advance.

First of all you have to specify the multiplexing scheme. How many LED can be on at a time, and what fraction of time can a single LED be on (duty cycle)? Can you provide a (simplified) circuit diagram?

Then you can find out how much current is required to make a single LED shine bright, for that duty cycle.
Multiply that current by the maximum number of rows or columns, to find out how much current the high- and low-side drivers have to supply.